SQL Test Drive

SQL Test Drive® is a program that will run user defined SQL on a DB2 database using multiple connections to simulate many concurrent users.

The user specifies the test SQL (up to 100) in a file. In another file, host variables are defined. Each SQL can have up to 100 testcases.

Using SQL Test Drive gives you a simple and inexpensive way to validate your database configuration and design. As SQL Test Drive runs it measures the response time of each individual SQL and reports it in an output stream. At the end of the run, an overall report is generated.

A unique feature of SQL Test Drive is the ability to weight the SQL so that some are executed more frequently than others. This allows you to customize the the profile to better simulate what actual usage would be. Both the SQL (weighting based) and testcase are randomly chosen.

Summary of features:

  • Submits prepared SQL to a database by multiple processes
  • SQL can be select, insert, update or delete
  • All insert, updates or deletes are rolled back after execution – or optionally committed
  • Test SQL can be weighted so that certain SQL is executed more often than others. This allows you to simulate scenarios.
  • Test SQL can be ‘turned off’ so that it is not run without reconfiguring test scenarios.
  • User specified concurrent thread execution simulates multiple users
  • User specified minimum and optional random sleep time between SQL executions to simulate user ‘think’ time
  • Random choosing of test SQL with user specified weightings
  • Multiple testcases per SQL so that the same data is not always used
  • Random choosing of testcases so that different host variables are used
  • End of run reporting of the session (simulated user) AND SQL/testcase
  • Overall detail reporting – each individual SQL
  • Executes to any db2 database (including OS/390) that can be connected to from the PC that the program is run on
  • Currently SQL Test Drive is designed to run on a windows environment connecting to a DB2 database (Unix, windows or OS/390). The program itself runs on a windows based pc and connects to a remote database through DB2 Connect.

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