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db2 batch scripts – tips and tricks – part 1

There are a lot of things you can do with db2 batch scripts that can make your life easy.  In this set of posts I will talk about just a few things that might make your life easier.

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Windows 7 — First Impressions

A long time XP user, I was very nervous about getting a new system with windows 7.  Would anything work?  Would it be slower?  All kinds of things ran through my head.  I read all the reviews and for the most part, it seemed like a sucessful release, but then?……..

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Getting records based on the first and last days of a month

Have you ever had a situation where you needed to select rows from a table for a specific month?   This example demonstrates how to retrieve all of the records belonging to the previous month by setting the first and last days in the WHERE clause of a SELECT statement.   But with some tweaking, you can make this query retrieve data from any month you wish.

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DB2 HADR for dummies – Part 3

This is the last post about HADR, I think I covered most of the basics of HADR finishing off with how it switches primary and standby.  What I have gone over is the basics of HADR.  There are many other topics within HADR.  One important thing to remember is to NEVER do unlogged operations (careful with the load command).  Not only will it ‘break’ HADR standby, but it will not tell you — you’ll not find out until you switch over to the standby to find it unusable.  I believe that in version 9.7, we are being allowed access to the standby.  This will allow you to validate the usability of the standby as well as other things like reporting.

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DB2 HADR for dummies – Part 2

Okay, so here we go …. setting up an hadr environment….  HADR in it’s lowest form is very straight forward to set up.  Here are the steps to start HADR

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DB2 HADR for dummies – Part 1

HADR is a very easy and effective way to maintain a DR and/or standby for any given database.  You can implement it very quickly and simply and it works well.  In essence it is basically log shipping, but done in real time and elegantly.  It is not replication, so the standby database is not really accessible when in stand by mode.  As well, since it is basically log shipping, any operation that is not logged will not make it to the standby database.  Load operations can be a problem as are things like tables with ‘not logged initially’.  You will have to review your own situations as they arise.

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