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db2pd command script – busiest tables

Have you ever wondered what the busiest tables are in your database?

The db2pd command using -tcbstats can provide a lot of insight about what is happening in your tables.  The below is a simple script that you can run on the command line or put in a ksh script to tell you the busiest tables.  The sample script below will tell you what tables have the most inserts, but it can be adjusted to tell you other pieces of information such as updates, deletes and reads.

You can refer to the manual for db2pd – in the manual, you can see where other stats are you can analyze.   Change the $10 to another value for other stats.


db2pd -db dbname -tcbstats| awk '/TCB Table Stats/ { x =1} x==1 { print}' | awk '/^0x/ { print $10, $2}' | sort -rn| head -15

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