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db2pd command – get info about db2

The db2pd command is a relatively new command (released with version 8.2) that will tell you a huge amount of information about your db2 system.  I first made myself familiar with it when looking for a way to get the status of HADR without going through a snapshot output.

db2pd -db sample -hadr – will tell you all you need to know about  your  hadr configuration status

The db2pd command can be run in two ways; you can run it interactively by entering db2pd and then whatever commands you want or you can simply enter the db2pd command with whatever parameters you want.  I’m not sure what the advantage of running it interactively is, but it’s there for you.

I find the output from some of the parameters very heavy indeed (some are just memory dumps for the most part).  You will find useful intormation however.

a few of the handier commands in my opinion are:
db2pd -db sample -logs
db2pd -db sample -locks
db2pd -db sample -dbcfg
db2pd -db sample -hadr

here is a really good tutorial on how to use db2pd for locks and the entire manual can be found in the command reference.

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