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db2 batch scripts – tips and tricks – part 1

There are a lot of things you can do with db2 batch scripts that can make your life easy.  In this set of posts I will talk about just a few things that might make your life easier.

 -s switch– I find the -s switch the handiest of all.  This will allow you to stop the script execution if there is an error in the script. To do this execute your scripts with “db2 -stvf filename”.  By doing this, you will ensure the successful execution of your script.  If the script encounters an error, it will just stop at that point.  Checking becomes a little easier because you need only go to the bottom of the script for basic checking.

One additional trick – you can turn off the -s off and on in the script stream.  This allows you to disable checking for certain parts of your script you might expect to fail.  Things such as dropping a table that might or might not exist.  To do this your script would look like this:

update table ……;
update command options using s off;
drop table test.table;
update command options using s on;
update table ……;

you would then execute with db2 -stvf filename

I guess of course you could just leave out the -s and use the “update command options” at the top of the script to turn it on, but I usually don’t do that because I want it on more than off.

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