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Windows 7 — First Impressions

A long time XP user, I was very nervous about getting a new system with windows 7.  Would anything work?  Would it be slower?  All kinds of things ran through my head.  I read all the reviews and for the most part, it seemed like a sucessful release, but then?……..

I finally bought a new system which had Windows 7…. I got myself a HP P6240F with

  • 8 Gb of memory — can’t have too much memory can you?
  • Intel Q8300 quad core 2.5 GHz
  • Windows 7 – 64bit
  • 5200 rpm, 750Gb SATA hard drive

I’m no gamer, so the graphics is no biggy for me, pretty much us it for business.  I do us DB2, so the extra memory will come in handy.

This is a replacement system, not an upgrade, so I didn’t have to worry about data much as it still resides on the old system.  Same with my applications, if it didn’t work on W7, then I could always leave it.

First Impressions –Happy, I think.  Got the system home, plugged it in and it went through a little setup process to install Windows 7.  HP seems to do it nicely, although there are some minor annoyances like bloatware type stuff.  It’s fast, but nothing is installed, so no big surprise there.  The ‘areo’ stuff is kinda kool.

Installing my software – Next step is to install all of my varous software.  Here is where the problems start.  My printer is fairly new – HP C6380 and that auto installed fine.

One of the things about Windows 7 is that it does not come with a mail client.  No more outlook express.  At first I could not find my windows office 2003 disk, so I installed my old office 2000 apps.  Outlook did not work from office 2000.  I tried a few others – Thunderbird and Windows live mail.  Didn’t like the very much but they worked fine.  I finally found my windows office 2003 and installed that and outlook was fine.

My biggest problem was with my video/photo editing software.
-Ulead Video Studio would not even install.  That was disappointing as I really like it.
-Photo Exposion Deluxe 3 does not work very well either.  You can install it, but it has problems finding libraries, so in the end does not work.

Those are the two most notable.

My other problem was my accounting software (MYOB 11) does not work as well.  Had to leave that installed on XP.  Pretty small annoyance, but notable if you do not have a backup system.

My other big problem is that my backup software does not work.  Acronis True Image Home works somewhat, but hangs when I am doing backups… it has been relegated to the useless pile now.  The restore function seems to work ok, but there are occasional corruptions.

Sometimes my printer gets ‘forgotten’ — I go to print something and the printer is gone.  Only way to get it back is to reboot.  An annoyance, but not that big a deal – it doesn’t happen that often.

I have not had any problems with bluescreen crashes or freezing issues.  It has run nicely since I got it.  With all my software installed I run at about 1.5 Gb in use minimum.  Goes up from there, so my advice is to get at least 4Gb of memory – stay away from those 2Gb bargan machines.

Last Impressions – In the end, I’m pretty hapy with my new Windows 7 machine.  I like that it is 64Bit as that is the way of the new world.  As more software is upgraded to 64bit, I’ll be better positioned to take advantage of it.  The boot/shutdown times are good.  Boots up much quicker than XP as well as recovery from sleep.  Other than the photo/video software problems, I think I’ll be happy with my investment.

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