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DB2 HADR for dummies – Part 1

HADR is a very easy and effective way to maintain a DR and/or standby for any given database.  You can implement it very quickly and simply and it works well.  In essence it is basically log shipping, but done in real time and elegantly.  It is not replication, so the standby database is not really accessible when in stand by mode.  As well, since it is basically log shipping, any operation that is not logged will not make it to the standby database.  Load operations can be a problem as are things like tables with ‘not logged initially’.  You will have to review your own situations as they arise.

One thing I do notice with HADR is that if you do an operation that is not allowable (such as load … not entirely true which will be explained later), it does not really tell you.  That means you could flip over to the standby and find it unusable.  Care is needed.

In this post (I’ll do it over multiple posts), I am going to run through an example of setting up HADR on a windows environment.  You can use one or two machines to try it out.  If you only have one machine, you need to define an additional instance to be the HADR.  A HADR relationship must at least be on different instances.  In real life, there is not much point in having an HADR pair on the same physical hardware.

Here are the basic steps to setting up a HADR pair

  1. Create/select your primary database
  2. Set DB config parameters on primary db
  3. Backup database
  4. Restore database at standby site/instance
  5. Set DB config parameters on standby db
  6. Start HADR on standby then on primary site/instance
  7. Validate HADR is connected and working
  8. Test takeover function to switch primary/standby

I’ll go over each step with examples in subsequent posts

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