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Slow DB2 connect problem from client

Some time ago, we upgraded our DB2 from version 7 to 8.2. One of the first things we noticed was that connection times from our client were very long – in the area of about 15 to 20 seconds just to connect to an active database.

we pretty much lived with it for years…. nobody bothered to really follow up.  Not sure why – guess we had better things to to.  I don’t think it was affecting production, so nobody really worried to much.  It was quite annoying at times especially when working on problems.

Here’s the environment.

client: db2 v8.2 fp12 personal edition (not CAE) on windows xp pro sp2

db server: db2 v8.2 fp12 Enterprise Edition on AIX 5.3

we first noticed this when we upgraded to version 8.2. What we also found is that some id’s would connect very fast as you would expect and most would connect very slow.  We did a lot of PD trying to determine where the problem was and finally found that it was on the client.

The solution is to create a local id on your windows machine (that you are logging in with) and put it in the DB2ADMS group as well.   when you do this you the connection slowdown is solved.

you can look at this link and see IBM comments

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